How To Enable And Disable Google Play Store Background Data

Hello friends, I'm back with Worldspot Tech, let's talk a little tonight, I'm really confused about downloading it on the Google Play Store, how come when I open the Google Play Store application, a warning appears. Background data is disabled as below.

What does it mean, why is Background data disabled? how to solve disabled background data? Why does the Play Store show a disabled background data warning?

Thank God, friend, after hours of tinkering with my Smartphone, which is still relatively old, the android version 4.1.2 (JellyBean) finally paid off and finally I was able to open the Google Play Store and be able to download it smoothly.

For friends who may be experiencing something like me and are looking for a way to solve it, take it easy, I will show you how to disable Google Play Store background data for you guys.

1. Tap the settings icon (settings) it will appear more or less like the image below, then select More.

2. After my friend selects More or less an option will appear as below, then select Data Usage

3. If you have selected Data usage, more or less appears like the image below, then swipe down and search for Google Play Store, then tap Google Play Store.

4. If you have tapped on Google Play Store, it will more or less appear like the image below, and then uncheck the Limit background data

5. If you have unchecked it, please go back again, open the Google Play Store application and see the results.

How easy is it, friend, How to Disable Background Data on the Google Play Store as well as if you want to activate background data, the method is the same, but you have to check the text Limit background data. If you don't understand, please comment below, bro :)

Maybe that's all I can help with regarding How to Disable Background Data on Android Smartphones. if you like, please share on social media, thank you so much.

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