How to Overcome HP Screen with Vertical/Horizontal Stripes Quickly

How to Solve a Striped HP Screen

Have you ever experienced an unpleasant incident, where by chance on your cellphone screen suddenly fine lines appear with rainbow color gradients that vary from black, yellow, red, white, green and purple, which is quite annoying. your vision when looking at the screen.

What's more, the pattern of lines that appear is irregular, sometimes the pattern is only vertical and horizontal, but it can also be a mixture of the two, where the screen in such a condition can be said to be similar to a broken TV/PC monitor.

Actually, this striped HP screen problem is not the only problem that often haunts smartphone owners. There are still many more problems that arise, such as the HP screen flashing or shaking and even blank, aka the condition of the screen only showing white color.

But here we will only discuss how to deal with a striped or damaged HP screen in the hope that our discussion this time will be more focused so that you can easily understand it.

Talking about a striped Android cellphone screen, of course, it won't just happen, but there must be a cause or trigger why your Android cellphone screen becomes lined like that.

If you don't know the reason why the HP screen becomes streaky, then you can listen to the various factors that cause lines to appear on the HP screen as follows:

Causes of streaky Android phone screen

The following are factors that are thought to be the cause of the streaky screen on your cellphone.

Operating System Bugs

The occurrence of bugs in the smartphone OS can cause various errors. One of them is the HP screen that suddenly has stripes, this can also be caused by it.

Especially if you have a hobby of rooting your phone, of course you will be more prone to getting streaky screen problems because rooting activities are usually quite risky to cause errors in your entire phone OS.

HP Hit

If you have accidentally dropped your cellphone and not long after you saw the appearance of lines on the cellphone screen, it is certain that the main cause was the collision that occurred between the LCD screen and the hard floor surface when it fell.

If the impact is light, it may not cause damage to the LCD and only cause cracks on the surface of the screen.

HP is exposed to water

You may have heard the term if the main enemy of electronics is water. Yes, it is undeniable that water and electronics are not friendly.

Likewise, HP which is included in the electronic category, of course, the components in it cannot accept direct contact with water because it will only cause a short circuit in all of its components and that includes the LCD screen in it.

Unless your cellphone has been certified waterproof, it probably won't be a major problem with your cellphone.

HP Exposed to Excessive Pressure

If you like to put your phone in your back pocket and you don't realize it at the same time, you often take it with you to sit. So it's better to stop the bad habit now.

Why is that? The explanation is that the pressure between your body weight and the phone you keep in your back pocket creates friction on the screen. Especially if you bring it to sit, the pressure will be even greater and potentially damage your LCD screen. In addition, the risk of damage to the HP screen becomes greater if you sit on a hard and rough surface.

Broken Screen Socket

The appearance of lines on the cellphone screen can be caused by damage to the socket component on the cellphone. Sockets that have an inaccurate or loose fitting pattern can cause streaks to appear.

In addition, there are habits that also increase the potential for damage to the cellphone socket, namely frequently plugging the cellphone into the monitor screen.

Okay, if now you know about the various factors that cause the HP screen to be streaky then now is the time for you to know the solutions that can be done to overcome this problem.

How to Overcome the Colorful Striped Hp Screen

Know that some of the solutions that we share to solve the striped HP screen here may not be as good if you immediately replace the striped LCD screen with a new screen. But at least this can improve the state of your phone screen better.

1. LCD Fixer Application

The first way you can do to overcome the striped HP screen is to use a third-party application, namely LCD Fixer. The LCD Fixer application is specifically designed to repair dead or damaged HP screen pixels so that the HP screen display will return to normal.

Actually, this method is not fully able to restore the screen display as before the damage to the HP screen, but the LCD Fixer application is able to disguise the defects on the HP screen.

The LCD Fixer application that we recommend and you should try is Dead Pixels Test and Fix. You can download this app for free on the Play Store and here's how to use the app.

  1. Please open the Play Store via your Android phone.
  2. Next, please look for the Dead Pixels Test and Fix application.
  3. Download and Install the application.
  4. After that, open the application and press Check Dead Pixels and Fix Dead Pixels, then not long after that the striped HP screen display will return to its original state.

This application is proven to be able to disguise the appearance of lines on your phone screen, although it does not restore it completely but at least this will improve the appearance of the screen.

2. Access Developer Options

As you know if by default, the phone has a Developer Options menu whose existence is intentionally hidden by the system so to access it you need to show it first.

Developer Options are useful for configuring system behavior so that it helps in setting up and profiling and debugging app performance. So simply through Developer Options, you are given advanced access to your phone such as making adjustments to the Show Pointer Location settings where one of its functions is to remove lines on your phone screen.

If you don't know about how to access Developer options then you can refer to the guide below.

  1. Please go to the Settings menu/Settings/Settings.
  2. Next scroll down and select in the About Phone section.
  3. After that, please click several times on the Form Number section until a notification appears that you have become a developer.
  4. If you have, you can go back to the Developer Options menu on your phone.
  5. Then please turn off the Show Bookmarks feature to remove the lines on your cellphone screen.

3. Press the LCD Screen

Specifically, this method is actually a method that has been around for a long time and is used to deal with striped LCD screens. Usually, pressing the LCD on the cellphone screen is done when the cellphone screen shows an error display, such as a striped and colored screen, so that the procedure for pressing the screen is expected to return the screen display to normal.

How to do this technique of pressing the LCD screen is also quite easy and does not require special skills, you only need to press slowly using your fingers on the edge of the problematic cellphone screen in one direction. Then not long after that the line on the phone screen will disappear by itself.

4. Disable the Smart Sidebar Feature

Mobile phones are now equipped with advanced features that help users work and one of those advanced features is the Smart Sidebar, which functions to make it easier for Android phone users to switch applications.

The good news is that the presence or absence of these features does not actually affect the performance of your phone. It's only recently that we learned from user experience that disabling the Smart Sidebar can help reduce the appearance of lines that appear on the phone screen.

In addition, if the Smart Sidebar feature is turned off, the impact will make the cellphone battery more energy efficient and of course it is very beneficial for cellphone owners.

The following are the steps to turn off the Smart Sidebar feature to overcome the streaky and colorful cellphone screen:

  • Go to Settings/Settings in the application then look for the Smart Practicality menu.
  • Tap on the Smart Sidebar options section.
  • Finally you just need to disable the smart assistant.

5. Restart HP and Enter Safe Mode

There have been many cases of errors that occur on smartphones that can be solved easily just by restarting the cellphone and then switching to Safe Mode. Including the appearance of lines on the HP screen, it can also be removed immediately after you restart and enter Safe Mode.

Usually the lines on the screen appear suddenly after you install various types of applications that are quite burdensome for the smartphone OS. Therefore, entering Safe Mode is expected to resolve all errors that occur on the smartphone OS.

Here are the steps to enter Safe Mode on a smartphone:

  • Please press the power button for a few seconds until your cellphone is turned off.
  • After that press the power button again with a slightly longer duration of time.
  • Here a message will appear to restart into Safe Mode. Then press OK to continue.
  • If you don't succeed in Safe Mode then you can repeat the steps again by pressing the power button and volume down. Then select Safe Mode.
  • If the restart process has been completed, then your phone is now in Safe Mode.
Usually the streaky screen problem on your phone will go away after entering Safe Mode. Given that the appearance of lines on the screen suddenly can be caused by an error in the OS caused by an application that is not compatible with the device.

6. Reset HP

If the phone screen doesn't improve then you can try a more extreme way, namely by doing a reset on the cellphone to overcome the striped and colorful cellphone screen.

Reset HP means erasing any kind of data stored on the phone and it will also restore the phone to factory settings. Therefore, resetting the cellphone to factory settings is considered to be one of the last alternatives to solve all cellphone system problems.

We recommend that before doing the HP reset process, you must first backup all important data to safe storage, so that later you can enter the data back into your cellphone. Without further ado, here are the HP reset steps that can solve the lines on the screen.

  • Go to the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Then select the Additional Settings option > Backup & reset.
  • Next you make a backup first, before resetting the cellphone.
  • If so, please select the option Back to factory settings.
  • Wait until the reset process is complete.

7. Replace New LCD Screen

If you have done all the methods above and do not produce any results at all. So the last and best option in our opinion is to replace the striped cellphone screen LCD using a new LCD.

In general, a damaged cellphone LCD screen is difficult to repair, so it is still necessary to replace the LCD unit on your cellphone.

You don't have to worry about the price and you can put it aside because there are already many who sell quality LCD screens at affordable prices.

You can look for LCD screens at official electronic stores or online with prices that vary depending on the brand and model of the cellphone you're currently using, for example, the LCD screen for low-mid phones, of course, the price will be different from the LCD screens for high-end cellphones.

One more thing, don't ever try to install the LCD screen on your own cellphone if you don't have special expertise in this field because it's feared that if you force it, it can damage other important components.

It's better to trust someone who is an expert in this field, such as a trusted cellphone service provider, where they do have the ability to install LCD screens for cellphones.

Thus the information that we can share about "How to Easily Solve Striped HP Screen". Hopefully this information can be useful for all readers. If you want to help share this information with others. Thank you.

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