Photos from WhatsApp Not Appearing in Gallery and How to Bring It Back!

Photos from WhatsApp Not Appearing in Gallery and How to Bring It Back!

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is most widely used by people around the world. According to data contained in the Play Store itself, the Whatsapp application has been downloaded as many as 1 billion downloads. This is enough to prove that the WhatsApp application is trusted by all people to use it.

WhatsApp has succeeded in getting people to switch from SMS to an online messaging system very easily and concisely. WhatsApp is often abbreviated as WA has a myriad of interesting features to use.

So WhatsApp appears not only to communicate via text but can be used to send photos, documents, voice notes, voice calls and video calls which are the mainstay of the WA application.

But even so, the WhatsApp application is also inseparable from a problem, such as not showing photos in the Whatsapp gallery and generally this problem is often experienced by most Whatsapp users.

Why Are Photos from WhatsApp Not Appearing in the Gallery?

Generally, when you get a message from another person or group, whether the message is a photo, video, document or sound, you can still download the file that was sent to view it.

After you have successfully downloaded the message, the file, either photo or video, will be automatically saved in your cellphone gallery.

 But on the other hand, some Whatsapp users cannot save files in the form of documents automatically in the cellphone gallery.

How to Overcome WhatsAppp Photos Cannot Be Saved or Doesn't Appear in Gallery

If you are looking for information on how to deal with wa photos that are not saved and appear in the gallery then you have come to the right article because here we will discuss about it. Here are the steps to solve it.

Enable Show Media Option

First check and make sure the media display option is always active because if it is off then all files will never be saved. To make sure, please go to Whatsapp settings by clicking the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner > clicking the chat menu > Activate the Show Media option.

Open Internal Storage

If the document file from Whatsapp does not want to be stored in the cellphone gallery, then you can directly go to the WhatsApp internal folder section on the cellphone so that you can find out all the stored documents or photos.

To open the WhatsApp internal folder is very easy, namely by opening the My Files application or My Files > Internal Storage / Internal Storage > Search for WhatsAppp Folder > Media > Then open the folder according to the type of file you want to find. For example, if you want to find a photo file, then you can go to the WhatsApp Images folder.

Move Photos from Private Folder

If you don't want to bother looking at the files in WhatsApp's internal storage, for a more concise way, you can move files in WhatsApp's internal storage to the Gallery.

Because in every folder in WhatsApp such as the WhatsApp Images folder, WhatsApp Videos, and others there is a folder called the private folder.

Well, usually photos that don't appear in the gallery go into the private folder.

If you want to bring the hidden photos back again then you need to move the photos from the Private folder to the previous folder by going to internal storage > WhatsApp Images > Private, you can move the photos to the WhatsApp Images folder.

You only need to move the photo files only for .nomedia files excluded.

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