Solving Touch Screen Error When Charging

Hello friends, see you again with Worldspot Tech, for some reason today I'm really annoyed, friend, I'm having fun chatting with him, suddenly my smartphone battery is low, and even more annoyed when it's charging, the touch screen or the touch screen doesn't even work when touched, even if it gets stuck and likes to jump, open another application without being touched again, it's weird, right.

Is this a problem with the charger or the cellphone, what is the problem with electricity? After hours of searching for information from Google, I finally found the problem, it turns out that the cause of the touch screen error when charging can be due to bad electricity and one more thing, namely a poor quality USB cable. If my friend is experiencing the same thing as me, maybe the ways below can help solve the problem. here I have 3 ways to overcome the eros touch screen when the cellphone is charging

1. Replace the USB cable with a quality USB

2. Move the charger to another outlet with better electricity

3. The way I often use is to wrap a small cable at the end of the USB

For the third method which is very powerful and I often use, here's how.

Take a cable measuring 5cm

Peel each end of the 2cm and 1cm cable

Wrap the stripped end of the 2 cm cable to the metal end of the USB, which is 1 cm stripped and leave it alone

Please charge your android cellphone and hold the 1 cm peeled cable

How are you bro? is the touch screen back to normal? Thank God, my touch screen is normal and I can chat again with the doi while charging.

If you are still confused with my method above, you can comment below. maybe that's all I can write about overcoming the touch screen error when charging, that's all, my friend, thank you for taking the time to read, and if you like please share

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